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Eating Right For Your Eating Guide Blood Type - Fad Or Fact?

We now know that blood type O is the oldest blood type in the history of humanity. They were the meat eaters of the human race, and this trait has been handed down though the centuries to modern man.

Blood type A was the more herbivorous kind, as migration to Europe and Asia from Africa meant that Type A people slowly developed systems that were better at digesting carbs as against O type people, whose digestive systems handled meat better than fruits and vegetables.


The third blood group in the human race is blood type B. The movement from eastern Africa continued past Europe and Asia toward the Himalayas, which is a part of India, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan today. This was a move from hot to cold climates, and it is believed that blood type B may have been a mutation based on this climatic change. Blood type B also established its presence in the Ural region of Asia, where the populace was a mix of Mongolian and Caucasian tribes.

The Mongolians moved through Asia and dominated the Eurasian Plains, and soon blood type B was as good as set in this segment of people. The northward movement heralded more animal domestication, so the diet slowly turned more toward dairy and meat.

This blood type has the clearest geographical outline as compared to others. Japan, China, Mongolia and India have the maximum B type group people with the Koreans and Chinese of North heading the list. Further west, blood group B is seen in people, where there is evidence of Asian nomadic migration.

B type people are flexible. They can adapt to their environment quite easily. This is the outcome of the ancient tribes who were learning to balance both a vegetable and animal-centric diet.

Diet for the B type

Stressful situations result in higher levels of cortisol being released in the system. Excess cortisol makes people react to stress in a negative manner, which leads to further psychological imbalance.

There are some Lectins that are sensitive to B type blood. To ensure that neither of the two affect your overall health, it's best to follow a diet that avoids food that has high levels of toxicity.

Type B people are also quite prone to infections of the sinus, urinary tract, E.Coli, and influenza. Most antigens have blood Type B-like characteristics, and since bacterial antigens don't attack those that resemble their own, B group people are vulnerable to them.

Overall, people with blood type B type are known to be sturdy. They can usually resist most of the present day lifestyle diseases like cancer and heart troubles. If they follow the required diet and ensure a balanced lifestyle, most people with blood type B can live long healthy lives.

B blood type people can break down fats easily. They have high levels of the bone strengthening enzyme called intestinal alkaline phosphotase. However, they have insulin issues too, so foods with high glucose content should be eaten only in moderation. A lot of B type people are of African American descent, which means they may or may not be lactose intolerant too. In such cases, care has to taken when consuming dairy products.

Grapefruit and guava are good sources of beneficial lycopenes, while dried apricots are an excellent snack. Fish and seafood are good sources of protein, and kidney and navy beans are good because they do not have lectins like other beans and legumes.

Blood type B people can include variety of foods in their diets. In fact, the diet for blood type B is considered the most balanced and wholesome diet as compared to other groups. Given below are foods that they should avoid and foods that are good for them:

Foods to avoid

Tomatoes, wheat, corn, lentils, buckwheat, peanuts, sesame seeds

Shellfish, chicken

Beans and legumes, grains and starches, avocados

Persimmons, Pomegranates, Star fruit, and Prickly pear

Cinnamon, Pepper, Sesame oil, Sunflower oil and Corn oil

Foods that work well for B type people

Green vegetables

Deep sea fish

Low fat dairy, and eggs

Rice milk, rice bran, rice flour, millet, oats

Onions, artichokes, parsnip

Olive oil, flaxseed oil

Grapes, figs, and dates can be eaten in moderation

Goat meat, lamb, turkey, venison

Corn, buckwheat, sesame seeds, peanuts and lentils are known to cause weight gain and affect the metabolic rate of people with blood type B. They may also result in problems like hypoglycemia, fatigue, and water retention. Your blood sugar level may also go down after you eat a meal comprising one or more of these foods.

Nuts and seeds like peanuts and sesame seeds have lectins that might interfere with inusiln production in blood type B. Tomatoes are known to affect the stomach lining and therefore, should be eliminated from the diet. Wheat also should be avoided because it contains lectins that bring down insulin efficiency and hamper the fat burning process of the body.

Although a lean meat, chicken contains a lectin in its muscle tissue that causes agglutination in blood type B. This agglutinating lectin can cause immunity-related problems and even strokes in people with blood type B. Shesllfish also contains lectins that are disruptive for blood type and therefore, should be avoided.

On the good side, blood type B is most tolerant to and benefits from all types of dairy products. Deep ocean are good for them and green vegetables, deep sea fish, low fat dairy, and eggs promote weight loss. Also, replacing chicken with goat meat, lamb, turkey, and venison is more beneficial for blood type B.

The B blood type digestive system is tolerant, which means it can handle both animal and vegetable carbohydrates and proteins. Their immune system is strong is capable of resisting most chronic degenerative illnesses. The system works best when one does moderate exercises like swimming, tennis, hiking, and cycling. The blood type B people are lucky because they can eat a far more varied diet than their brethren in type A and type O.

Overall, people with blood type B type are known to be sturdy. There are some Lectins that are sensitive to B type blood. They have high levels of the bone strengthening enzyme called intestinal alkaline phosphotase. eat by blood type

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