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Weleda Homeopathics

Weleda Natural Beauty Product 'is Fast-Acting And Good Value'

Natural beauty experts have praised Weleda's skin care products for their value for money and kindness to the complexion.

One health and beauty journalist, writing as the Secret Beauty Blogger, said that she is a "big fan" of the brand because of its homeopathic remedies and consequently said she was looking forward to testing its Wild Rose Night Cream.

The natural skin care product did not disappoint, she explained, before stating that its effects were noticeable almost immediately.

"I felt the difference after the first night of applying it," the writer said. "After two weeks my skin has stayed soft and smooth, with not a blemish in sight."

She went on to praise the value offered by the Weledanatural beauty product, explaining that there is no need to use too much of it at once.

This means it is "sure to last", she said.

Last week, a columnist for Beautyeditor also praised the company for its Skin Food, describing it as a "godsend" for anyone suffering from dry skin after having a cold.

Elsewhere it has been suggested that Weleda's product range could be the perfect solution for the skin care woes of people suffering from a cold, it has been suggested. Advice comes after Daily Mail correspondent Jemma Kidd picked out Weleda's Foot Balm as a great way of treating achy feet.

She went on to point out that the brand refuses to use chemicals or pesticides in farming any of its ingredients. "Weleda's Skin Food is, in a word, amazing," the writer added.
She said the natural beauty product had been a "godsend", before adding that it healed her skin blemishes in 24 hours.

Having overcome her bout of the snuffles, the writer explained that Weleda Skin Food had helped her through the worst by repairing her damaged complexion.

The consequence of having to constantly blow her nose meant that a columnist for online magazine beautyeditor was faced with a "war zone" in her nasal area caused by red, flaky and tender skin. Weleda's natural beauty product range could be the perfect solution for the skin care woes of people suffering from a cold, it has been suggested.

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