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Feng Shui Tips for Love 2006

Sleep with your head pointed towards this direction, or if you can relocate your bedroom to your Yan Nan area, all the better. Make use of our free, no-nonsense Gua Calculator to ascertain your Yan Nian direction.

If you sleep with your spouse or partner, both your Yan Nian can still be used to strengthen love bonds, as well as harmony and devotion! The best arrangement to suit both your needs is to sleep in a bedroom located in the male's Yan Nian corner and sleeping with both your heads pointing towards the female's Yan Nian direction.

You can further up your Love luck by decorating your Yan Nian location with some Romance-rich items. This will give you a further dose of auspicious luck!

Let's make use of Flying Stars, or Xuan Kong Feng Shui to further up the love factor. This year, 2006, sees the Academic and Love star #4 Green alighting the Northwest location. This auspicious star is of the element Wood, thus you can make use of the Water element to strengthen its prospects. Place a fish tank, aquarium or desktop fountain in this location for the best prospects!

The rose quartz crystal is very special in terms of Romance and Love Feng Shui. This pink-hued crystal can strengthen your confidence, stimulate love potential and best of all, it's also a great Qi cleanser! Cut crystals have the ability to break up and disperse negative Qi, or energy, to allow the entrance of fresher, more positive Qi to meander about you. A rose crystal bracelet is charming and feminine, and keeping the crystal close to yourself at all times is for the best enhancement.

Do you feel like you constantly butt heads with your significant other? Examine your home or office, and pay close attention to the Central location. For year 2006, this area houses the malignant #3 Jade star, which is known as the Argument Star. Try to lessen your activities in this area, and since the #3 Jade's element is Wood, you can weaken the quibbles and bickering with a red carpet, a red lampshade or even incense burners - the smoke wafting from burners represents the Fire element.

The phoenix and dragon together are strong symbols of strong love, fidelity and high romance. Place figurines of the dragon-phoenix couple at home or in the office for a good dose of love luck enhancement. The dragon-phoenix image is incidentally a potent symbol for weddings - those who are keen for wedded bliss should make use of these lovely animals in areas where they spend most of their time.

Your bed should under no circumstances be located underneath an overhead beam! This is very inauspicious, since you're directing Shar Qi, or poison arrow directly on yourself. Remove the beam, relocate or hang a bamboo flute or wind chime under the beam to weaken negativities.

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