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How Much Does a New Ghillie Suit Cost?

The cost of Ghillie Suit varies. Ghillie Suits, like many other products - like cars, you can purchase a very expensive luxury car or a cheap one. Like cars, quality, size, features and design all matter in the make up of the price of a Ghillie Suit.

Ghillie Suits can cost as little as $13.00 and can be as expensive as $180.00. The huge price difference comes with a strong "Buyer Be Ware", because you get what you pay for. In actuality, you can find Ghillie Suits for as little as less than $10.00.

Because of their needs, many military personnel and hunters just create their own Ghillie Suits, constructed from natural foliage or synthetic leaves and twigs. The cost of a complete three or four piece Ghillie Suit could cost for as little as $60.00 - these suits priced at this price point are usually made from polyester netting and burlap.

Are you wondering what the expensive Ghillie Suits or otherwise the "good stuff" are made of? Well it depends on the activity, for example, from suits are specially made for Bow Hunters, like the Bow Hunter Ghillie Suit from The expensive Ghillie Suits are made from premium ultra-lightweight synthetic material - weighing only 3 - 7 pounds - which is a four piece Ghillie Suit that is accompanied with a rifle wrap.

The main reason to why some Ghillie Suits are priced around the $180.00 dollar price point is because they look more real. You are paying more, because they simply will work better. Others are made by simply combining foliage together imitating moss, desert plain, snow or forestland. While others are sewn onto military BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) uniforms, that allows the user to stay cooler and will allow them to hear easier.

While others cost less, because the cost of making the Ghillie Suit fire retardant has not been implemented into price and is an extra charge, or other Ghillie Suits are resistant to water, allergens and mildew.

Lastly, Ghillie Suits that are re-washable, and made from special synthetic material which allows users to easily wash and dry the base suit and all attachments, will cost more. Non re-washable Ghillie Suits fall apart or become too "fluffy" to be useful when machine-washed cost less for this reason. Nonetheless, the best complete full Ghillie Suit will most likely cost only around the $100.00 price point.

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