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HP Color LaserJet 5100tn Toner - The Wallet Friendly And Confident Toner Cartridge

It is not very often you find a printer that is exceptional at a specific task and still able to perform many others that meet expectations. With the HP LaserJet 5100tn printer, the main focus is on its extreme resolution while still performing all the other tasks that is needed in most printing needs. This machine was developed for CAD designers and is known for its exacting precision supremely aided by 5100tn printer toner cartridges.

Its resources seem moderate, as it bears a 300 MHz CPU and a relatively weak 16 MB memory cache (expandable to 192 MB if so desired). It is capable of printing a modest 21 pages per minute, and its workload capacity tops out at 65,000 pages per month. Where this printer shines, however, is its ProRes 1200 technology, allowing a 1200 x 1200 dpi print quality to produce even more exquisite and accurate detail than usual.

Medias such as recycled paper, preprinted, vellum, rough, colored, bonded and pre-punched medias can be used without a problem with the 5100tn. It can also handle the standard letter, executive, legal, and tabloid formats as well as number 10 envelopes. To further its versatility, you can print in customizable sizes ranging form 3" x 5" to 12.28" x 18.5" on the previously mentioned media types.

The size of this kind of printer is rather large with measurements of 18.7" wide, , 25" deep, and 18.6" high. It weighs in at 48.7 pounds. This allows the machine to be easily moved, but still heavy enough to stay in place while performing. With it being rather tall, desktop printing can be difficult so it’s best position would be next to the desk or set upon a low stand.

The main form of connectivity for this printer is the HP WP110 Internal Wireless Print Server, allowing it to remotely act as a printer for any allowed PC on the network. If necessary, the printer also carries an industry-standard IEEE 1824-compliant parallel port as well as a Connectivity Card for Serial, LocalTalk, and USB connectivity. If hardwired in any of these manners, EIO internal print servers can be used. Get HP LaserJet bulk toner.

When you purchase this printer through a retail supplier, the printer is not the only thing that you will receive. The box contains all of the necessary power cables, a printer cartridge capable of printing up to 10,000 pages, a control panel overlay. You will also receive a hard copy of the User's Guide and a CD-ROM that has the software needed for installation along with a digital copy of the manual. You can even request the overlay to be printed in your native language if it is not English.

As this printer model has been discontinued by HP, finding a new retail version can be difficult. Refurbished versions are more readily available, pricing around $600. While similar printers can prove much cheaper, it would be difficult to find one with the accuracy and detail of the 5100tn, and as the cliché goes, "You get what you pay for”.

CAD professionals and similar designers have trusted the HP LaserJet 5100tn for years for its attention to detail even though on the surface it seems as if this printer is only average. This is the type of printer that has been designed for specialized goals in mind. If accuracy is your goal in your printing needs, the 5100tn should be granted the consideration it deserves. The exquisite detail provided by this machine is, of course, the result of LaserJet 5100tn cartridges.

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