Fade Away

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Fade Away

NFL Never Fade Away From My Heart

Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment; not only about survival. That must be the old but classic story of innumerable father-and-son, and the pattern of life which the life offers to us has a homely grace. Whenever we recalled it, NFL football or our personalize jerseys, it reminds of me of a peaceful stream, meandering smoothly through green pastures and shaded by pleasant trees, till it falls into the vast sea; but the sea is so calm, so silent, so indifferent, that I will feel a vague uneasiness all of a sudden.

Each time I thought about this screen, I had to close my eyes and at the same time open my inside for the reason that there lived my respectful and amiable father. It's him who taught me to play football and how to live in this tough society. I even remember that a dirty little boy played his litter football in the sandy beach with mud throughout his body and the non-survival of his small face and father's huge custom football jerseys. However, the beautiful period fade away forever following the right day of the departure of my dear father. It's hard to describe my mood at that time; the only thing I can remember was that I held my father's old jersey tightly staring my father's peace face just as the same way as my day stand front of the sea watching my crazy and funny football sports.

Perhaps it is only a weird thought in my nature, which was strong even in those days. I recognized that there's non- sense without my father and the football. In our busy life, it seems that feelings are beyond of our touch. Therefore,we couldn't be willing to share our feeling with the others which makes the life so inhospitality. Though, I was so missed my old father, I have to face the reality to undertake the responsibility on my shoulder. The word, be full with love in your inner heart to help others happy, always moved around in my heard which my dad preach to me.

It's hard to image that I was the little boy without the father's love who afford my family only supported by the force of my father's word and his old and huge wholesale nfl jerseys. Though I was not a football player, I pay a lot of attention to them on account of they are my sole brace which I can depend on. From there, I not only saw what's the love is, but also realize the strong force of support by other's. I know that NFL will never drop out of my world as we are all together with them and with my father.

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Fade Away
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