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Cat Skiing: The Safest Way to Experience Deep Powder Skiing and an Adventure of A Lifetime

When you think about the sport of skiing, it can truly be absolutely mind boggling to see just how many different "versions" actually exist.  Between heli-skiing and snowboarding, there is definitely something for just about everyone, although, admittedly, not all of these sports carry the same type of safety risk!
However, if you are looking for a new skiing experience, one that does not require you to slip and slide down a mountain on nothing but a polished board, hoping against hope that you don't end up head first in the snow, then you will definitely want to consider cat skiing.

While cat skiing has been around since 1975, it has truly experienced a huge increase in popularity, in the last decade or so, as more and more skiers are looking to challenge themselves, by skiing through some absolutely beautiful backcountry, without constantly worrying about their own safety. In fact, cat skiing is actually the perfect combination of "thrills" without worrying about the "chills".

Can you imagine actually rediscovering the joys of skiing, by getting the opportunity of discovering areas of the mountains that you never thought you would ever experience?  Whether you are a beginner or an expert – you can now ski undiscovered areas -peaks and terrains that can only be reached with the help of "snowcats".   Somehow, the possibilities really do seem endless don't they?  Now, imagine, you can actually spend "quality time" there – for one day or one week, enjoying the skiing, the view, the lodging, the companionship and getting to do it all over again and again as much as your heart desires.

This is the amazing legacy that Allan Drury and his wife have left us.  The endless possibilities that lie in discovering something new, each and every time we embark on that next cat skiing expedition.  Pushing both our bodies and our minds to greater heights, all the while knowing that we are lucky enough to be experiencing a magical moment, thanks to our love of skiing!  And thanks to the foresight of Allan Drury.

About the Author

Author is a skiing enthusiast with a passion for cat skiing. He works as a freelance reporter covering all skiing championships and events across Canada. For more of his tips and reviews about cat skiing visit: http://snowcatskiing.wordpress.com

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