Dark Circles

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Dark Circles

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Eyes Dark Circles Questions & Answers

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Dark circles, 14 years ancient.?
hey (:basically, i have appalling dark circles, i go to bed a 9ish and wakeup at 7 and I enjoy a good sleep routine, but they just won't budge, and adjectives my friends go to bed at like 10:30+ and they don't own them :( makeup isn't an option either, what...

Dark circles, anyone??
What products, or home remedies have worked for you?Thanks! i have horrendous dark circles and they really make me upset. I only bought Hylexin, it's supposed to be great, but unfortunately I can't use it because I'm a nursing mother. I have this other vitamin K stuff but I don't see that...

Dark Circles, do you know of anything that really help to...?
fade them or cover them up? It doesn't matter how much sleep i get or how much hose down i drink and i know they can be hereditary. Any help would be appreciated!! I once was told it be because of too...

Dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. Cosmetic surgery?
Ever since I was a teenager I own had dark circles, 3 extremely fine lines, and puffiness under my eyes. My dad has it, my uncle have it, aunt has it, and so does me grandmother so it's hereditary. I enjoy tried every product I have ever...

DARK CIRCLES, HOW DO I gain rid of em?
I'M 16 years old, and I'm brown skinned and I have darkcirclrs around my eyes , my below eye is fading just for a while bit. I want to get rid of em quick minus makeup any remedies. I want to get rid of em before...

Dark Circles, please Help!?
im 14 and I have really BAD dark circles around my eyes. I used to wear eyeglasses so I didn't notice it , but now that i hold contacts and everyone can see how bad my dark circles are. I never have these when I was a kid and my parents...

Dark circles, pores and bumps?
or well i am using milk for my dark circles and its on an upward curve but i wanna know more option i cant do to make them move about away any home made stuff will really help please..and i have this little hole on my trunk its an open...

Dark circles, puffiness, and loads?
I have horrible dark circles, puffiness, and oodles under my eyes. I'm 13, so I don't want to do anything too dramatic. I'm looking for some simple, easy home remedies to use. The faster they work, the better! Thanks :] More sleep. Maybe some cover up to make them...

Dark circles, skin imperfection!?
I need a foundation thats matte and covers dark circles and imperfection! Any ideas?? Check this board out. You will love it. Click on New! Discussion Boardhttp://www.blackhairmedia.com/ it's not the foundation you're supposed to be looking for.it's the concealer.buy a lighter tone of concealer than your skin. and...

Dark Circles, the impossible style.?
I have ridiculously dark circles below my eyes. They are not from lack of sleep, I can sleep 12 hours and it will be the same. I've have them for year but they are really starting to annoy me now because I'm in a situation where on earth i'm meeting...

Dark circles, unlit circles!!?
i have dark circles. the skin adjectives the way around my eyes is a purplish color. worse in some areas than others. presently you can only see it in the skin over my eyes when i open my eyes as much as i can, but you don't any other time (maybe...

Dark circles, vein, pores, lend a hand !?
Okay. I have dark circles, little vein in my cheeks, my skin looks flaky under my bring in up, i hate my pores showing, powder looks horrible on my face, im lone a teen and my face looks baaaad. Any tips for ANY of that ? Im...

Dark circles, what can I do?
I sleep enough.I drink heaps of water.I've tried tea lots.Conceiler doesn't really work. conceiler will simply make it worse.apparently holding ice on them help, as well as cold spoons.not cleaning off your craft up completely can help worsen it/create it. Dark circles can be genetic, sorry to say. However,...

Dark circles, wrinkles below eye at 23? oblige?
Okay so I'm only 23 and If you were to merely look at the skin right under my eye you'd think I'm contained by my 40's! I have dark circles but they are not regular grey circles, it is mostly right under the inside corner of my...

Dark circles,how do I cast a shadow on them?!?
You can't really tell in this picture but they are in attendance. what type of concealer do you recommend. Mine is Lo'real and is doesn't work that well.http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh226/Uknowhoitis15/Picture128-1.jpg if you use foundation, apply it over the circles aswell. afterwards put a good quallity concearler over (*ysl?)...

Dark circles,successful remedies that u own used and worked?
hey guys.i have under eye misty circles but not that dark and not that serious.do you know any remedies that will let them move about away.any remedies that u or ur Friends have used and it worked.anything PLEASE thank you okay Basically getting a sufficient...

Dark circles. assistance!! im desparate!?
ok. so i have hereditary dusk circles under my eyes. and theyre pretty bad. dont inform me to get more sleep or to eat better or anything, cuz trust me it DOESNT WORK. THEYRE JUST HEREDITARY!! so anyway, r at hand any eye creams out there that actually work (eyederma,...

Dark circles. Help please.?
I have really bad obscurity circles under my eyes. (well they are more red) I think it is in part inherited and partly because of allergies (i attain hayfever).They're quite painful at the moment because i tried using cucumber to mute swelling but i don't think its works too well.I've...

Dark circles. not in recent times not ample sleep benign.?
Ive had dark circles since i be 7 and theyve just gotten extremely worse over the years. im 15 years old and i cant buy and sell with covering them up all the time. here extremely horrible. they are bruised look over my eyelids and...

Dark circles. What should I do?
Is there a cream or something? I read about this garnier one. Can someone furnish me specific names and first hand suggestions. Quit talking smack so you don't get a slap i would suggest aloe vera or a cooling mask to destroy the increased melanin.please help me http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…...

Dark circles.. Any recommend?
sleep is not the issue Apply cold raw grated potato mixed with the liquid of half lemon around the eye area. Leave on for roughly 20 minutes and wash off next to cold milk.You can do this at least once or twice a week to see the difference. Check out ...

DARK CIRCLES.. how to cure them??!! tea heaps?
I heard about tea plenty!!sleep &drink watermy question is.. what in the region of the TEA BAGS THING?? Dark circles are down to thin skin under the eyes where on earth blood passing underneath can show through, it's often simply genetic but other factors come into it...

Dark circles... ?
What is the best way to get rid of murky under eye circles?(other than sleep cause i catch plenty) Something with a flimsy pink shade.I'm totally in love with Benefit's Oh La Lift. Dab a short time on before your foundation. Source(s): http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/gp/produ… This is gonna nouns weird but...

Dark circles... any design??
Any one have any ideas how to carry rid of dark circles under the eyes besides net up and plenty of sleep?? I have heard that can be a genetic conditon regardless of your vivacity style but how do you get rid of them? We come from a dark circle family....

Dark Circles... How do you receive rid of them?
Does anyone know any good creams (that really work!) For around your eyes to get rid of muddy circles... I am 27 if that matters? Or any home remadies (that work!?) Also any good generate up tips to hide them??Thanks in mortgage x I'm within my...

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