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Cozumel Beaches on the Mexican Caribbean


Cozumel beaches attract thousands of tourists arriving via the Top Cruise Lines, by plane and by ferry from the mainland. They come for many different causes. Some just want to relax, swim and sun tan on Mexico's most beautiful beaches.

Others have heard of Cozumel Snorkeling and want to experience firsthand the colorful coral reefs full of spectacular marine life that surround the area. Cozumel together with the neighboring Belize Islands and Cayman Islands are the best sites for this sport, this side of the world.

So, as you may see there are Cozumel Beaches for every taste and request. If you want to spend your vacation just relaxing or the opposite on very active scuba diving of Caribbean Snorkeling, you'll find it in Cozumel.

Although most visitors want to spend their nights in town so that they can enjoy the restaurants, shops, and night time activities; the days are made for the beach.

The beaches on the west coast or leeward coast are much calmer than those on the east coast or windward.

Some of the best Cozumel Beaches

  • Playa Corona – This is small beach and sometimes very little crowded. People come to snorkel, swim and just relax on the sand.


  • Playa San Juan


It is a four mile area of rocky beach in the hotel areas of the north zone. It turns into Playa Santa Pilar. The waters are calm and it is a favorite beach for swimming and relaxation. For drinks and food you may go to any of the hotels in the area. In the high season the crowds can be overwhelming. If you seek solace, head to the beaches on the eastern side of the island. Admission is free.



  • Paradise Beach

This beach is great for kids and families. There are many facilities for food and drinks. Also available are water sport activities like snorkeling, kayaks and more.


  • Playa Chen Rio



  • It is located near the Chen River. Has lush vegetation between the beach and the cove. For those seeking flora and fauna experiences, this is the place. It is located on the other side of the island or east side and it is one of Cozumel best beaches.


  • Playa Mia – Called Playa Sol before



What used to be Playa Sol had to change the name for legal reasons. It is called Playa Mia now. It is "The Beach" in Cozumel. It get lots of visitors from the cruise ships. In this beach you may find all activities you can imagine. They have to accommodate the large number of visitors. As if the beach is not enough, they have a large Fresh Water Pool.


  • Playa Bonita



This is what used to be Playa San Martin after if was totally improved. It is one of the oldest beaches in Cozumel and also a best kept secret far from the tumultuous west coast. The east coast is underdeveloped and hosts some of the best beaches.


  • Punta Morena Beach


It was practically destroyed by hurricane Wilma. Now totally remodeled is a great beach with some of the finest sands in Cozumel.



  • Playa San Francisco


It is a 15 minute ride from the Cruise Sip Port. This Beach Club is located next to the Paradise Beach Club. It is Cozumel's most famous stretch of beach.


  • Playa Palancar


Located on the west side it is one Cozumel's favorite. The entrance opens to a big Palapa Dining area. The beach is glorious with tropical foliage and many facilities. They even a hammock area for resting. Boats come to the beach to take you snorkeling. Like in all of Mexico prices are negotiable.



  • Chankanaab lagoon Beach


This is a must see beach, especially for those that like snorkeling. You may explore limestone caves that lead to the lagoon, full of colorful tropical fish.



  • Dzul Ha


  • It is pronounced Zool-Ha was one of the best kept secrets on Cozumel until everyone started talking about it.


Cozumel Beaches are typical Caribbean Beaches and worth visiting. If you are in the Mayan Riviera, take a 45 minute ferry and visit Cozumel.

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Eddy Tuchman has been in the Travel Industry for most of his adult life, covering all aspects of it as a Travel Agent, Tour Operator and Cruise Agent. He completed his certification as a CTC many years ago.

Today he is writing about his experiences of more than forty years traveling the world. He has developed three beautiful sites with help of SBI about the Caribbean Beaches, Best Beaches of the World and Best Travel Destinations.

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