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2004 colorado check engine light? can i check it with the key?

i want to know if i can check my check engine light with out taking it to advance auto parts. I have had several cars where you can turn the key 3 times and it tells you the code. dose my colorado have this option.

also how to reset oil life....

some details.

truck runs and drives like new. looks like it just rolled out of the show room

2.8l 4cyl 5 speed all original motor and trans. only routine maintainance

386,546 miles
for the second awnser. i know i have a scan tool. but its mostly newer vehicles that let you do it with out the code scanner. like 96 +


No you can't. All 1996 and newer cars and trucks use ODB-II and will need a special code reader/scaner to read and reset the codes. All major parts stores will do it for free, or you can buy an ODB-II Scanner yourself for about $40.

For the oil change light, follow the directions above

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Can Light

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Introduction to indoor plant lighting

Artificial lighting is widely used to supplement or replace natural light for indoor crops. Many plants grown indoors do well under artificial lights such as Fluorescent, HID, LED grow light. Plants do especially well when grown under led grow light

Incandescent lights are not recommended for growing crops, as plants placed under them tend to stretch or become leggy. Grower's can possibly make up for insufficient light by increasing the time or duration that the plant is exposed to light. Sixteen hours of light and eight hours of darkness are satisfactory for most plants. Lights should be regulated with a UL listed, industrial strength timer, especially in applications using a lot of wattages.

Plants use light as a source of energy to manufacture food. The more light a plant receives the more energy it receives. Light is commonly measured in foot-candles (ft-c). Most rooms in an average sized home is often illuminated by less than 100 ft-c, while the outdoors on a clear, sunny day can exceed 10,000 ft-c. Different plant spiciest lighting requirements varies widely.

Some plants prefer a lot of light while others don't. Indoor plants are often classified by the amount of light necessary for normal growth and follows as: low, medium, and very high light requirements.

The minimum amount of light plants need to sustain itself for one year is approximately 100 ft-c for 12 hours daily. At least 200 ft-c for 12 hours is required for foliage plants to utilize any benefits from fertilizers.

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