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Apollo Health GoLite Blue Wave Portable Mood Relief P1 w Soft Case Light Therapy

Apollo Golite

Philips Health GoLite M2 Blue Spectrum Light Hope or Hype

Your body clock affects your mood, energy and sleep, and it's found next to the middle of your brain. This is the hub that tells you when to be on the lookout, awake, sleeping, and it uses illumination to control your sleep, mood, and energy cycles. If you tussle with these cycles, your body clock may not be replying correctly to normal light signals. The good news is that you can direct your body clock. When your body clock doesn't get the right type of light, it can make you feel knackered and moody. But the right luminosity at the right moment will reset your mood, sleep and energy cycles, so you can sleep great and feel great through waking hours. The M2 is straightforward to use and most people notice a change in just some days. Your frame of mind and energy levels will perk up, and you'll like sleeping again.

I recently upgraded to the M2, but I first bought the Apollo P1 many winters ago, and it works wonders for me. I snooze well now, and I have energy during the day, not to mention improved temper strength.

Just ignore it! I am a physicist and the blue light that the Philips goLITE M2 emits is part of the plain spectrum. Remember that blue light isn't right next to the UV range. Blue is next to violet, and violet is next to UV. Furthermore, the people that target this product appear to dismiss the fact that a regular ten thousand lux light box produces the same amount of blue light as these lights do, therefore they might be just as "dangerous." And there has not been any eye damage found from using those. Since all white light contains blue light, are we supposed to be worried about turning on our lights around the house? It is obsurd.

Remember doses as you consider all this. The studies submit subjects to an intensely intense quantity of light for a long period of time.

Do not be scared off. Bear in mind that there was absolutely no sign that using these lights therapeutically causes any eye injury. Rather the contrary, I would presume that my body is much healthier for having used them.

Science is made slowly through a web of studies, not some random study that's deformed by those misinformed and used to scare the public.

Now, on to the M2.. Both models are little and lightweight, and i have had no trouble with eyestrain ( using 100% power ). I can simply write or work on the computer, or eat breakfast, while I am using the lights.

-It is cordless, so you can take it anywhere around the house or some place else and do not have to worry about finding an outlet.

I don't believe this adds any inconvenience , however , as it is still plenty light.

I don't actually see a lot of functional differences between the two models besides this. I like the cordless because I can move the GoLITE to wherever I'm working at the time and don't have to carry a rope around or try to find a place to plug it in. So, if you don't mind having to plug it in, then save yourself some money and get a used P1. LEDs last for all time so you won't need to stress about the lights burning out.

as far as gauging the employment of light treatment generally, i have found it to be awfully useful to me. I employ it mostly in the fall and spring when the sunset / dawn times are changing the most ( I live at the 45th parallel ). My body clock appears to get thrown off by the rapid change. I will also use it at other times in the year if I'm having insomnia or depression. I find Apollo's assessment site very helpful. I have never had it be wrong. It's usually helped me get back on a good circadian rhythm.

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