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Vaginal Douche

How to Douche Properly

Why you Should Take Precautions With Those Vaginal Douches

They say that all that glitters is not gold; therefore as much as we want to take shortcuts in this life we must do so wisely.It was not very long ago when men and women of substance valued the natural set up of all things. Why? Because they were guaranteed of good health, even with their reproductive practices they valued natural method of contraception as opposed to the modern pill and it worked fairly well.What is more,our women did not use any stylish fragrances on their pubic grooming and they were still lovable.In fact cases of yeast infection caused by triggers other than the natural vaginal configuration and functioning were unheard of,not because the vaginas of these past women were superior to those of the modern women.

With, the birth of vaginal douches linked to a sharp brain of a modern doctor, the rate of vagina yeast infection has ironically increased.Is this not a sophisticated world class invention which should render not merely any results but quality ones? One may wonder why the world has changed so drastically now that the self-cleansing vagina has been disregarded.

Probably one could link this with the theory of degradation of ozone layer that affirmed that the increased heat from the sun is bound to cause a malfunction of our female reproductive organ so as to desire more sex.Only they recognize the validity of this theory but they insisted that this could make our women throw their undergarment away not because they feel uncomfortable but because they feel ‘hot’.Perhaps the inventor of the douches realized that they could make more dollars by selling something that could clear the semen fast before she seizes the next catch!Who knows if the inventor was as lady anyway?

Moreover the vaginal douches have brought results but this does not mean that they are a hundred percent perfect. As a consequence women must take precaution when they are making a decision to buy and use the douching devices.Fine,the tough jet might clear your vaginal inside out but it might as well alter the PH balance by lowering the acidic content that prevents overgrowth of bacterial. And so even if you claim to be spanking clean at your private zone the yeast Candida will not ignore this perfect opportunity to breed and cause vaginal yeast infection.

Besides using vaginal douches, does not guarantee protection against sexually transmitted disease. The viruses that cause many of these sexually transmitted diseases can not be coincidentally flashed by mere splashing of the vagina;otherwise the doctors would have declared this as cure for such serious sexually transmitted diseases like HIV infection. So if you are not a careful woman especially with the sexual practices,vaginal douches will not protect you from some of this deadly disease that lowers the immune system hence causing yeast infections.

Vaginal douches devices could be germ carriers too, probably because of being shared and not sterilized after use.When this happen a woman who is just too unlucky with yeast infection could contaminate others who used the same gadget.Another could carry different ailments and the same happens if they share the douching device as such it is important to consult a physician to advice on how best to make use to vaginal douches.Unless it is used as a method for treating problems such as yeast overgrowth,douching is unnecessary and potentially harmful.

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