Sprain Relief Spray

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Fast Freeze Pain Relief Roll On 3 oz arthritis strain sprain
Pain Relieving Gel Topical Analgesic Muscle Joint Sprain Back Relief Ache Sport

Sprain Relief Spray

Fast Topical Pain Relief with X-Cell-R-Aid Cream or Spray- www.BioEnergiMed.com

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how does pain relief cream, sprays for muscular pains work?

so recently on a bike trip i injured my left ankle and the muscules near the shin. kind of sprained may be i wasnt pedalling efficiently. after reaching the destination and halting for a night i experienced pain near the shin and the ankle. i was limping when i had to walk. i couldn't strecth the left foot. even while sleeping i had to sleep sideways coz when i tried sleeping facing the roof or the turned backside up it hurt a lot.

so i applied IODEX a pain relief sort of petroluem gelly type and wrapped the hurt part with crape bandage. and instantly that part became so warm and painless and i was comfortable again.

my question is how they work. since i was relieved of the pain and i had to return i started back cycling again with less pain but still limping while walking not much while on the bike. does it actually heal muscle sprains, twists or just relieve one from pain?


Useful question to this forum. What are the best pain pills? What are the dosages?Which pain killers have the worst side-effects?This chart lists the pain relief ability of the most common pain medication, both prescription and non-prescription.Here is a comparison table summary of popular pain medication. The pain relievers below were ranked by effectiveness for chronic back pain, by a Harvard Study. Each pain medication was rated for effectiveness on a scale of from 1 (aspirin) to 10 (morphine).


Topical medications include balms, creams, gels, oils, lotions, patches, ointments and other products that you apply to your skin. Most are available over-the-counter. Topical products may provide pain relief for mild arthritis pain that affects only a few joints. Various topical drugs are also used to treat skin problems in many types of arthritis.

Study results from Nottingham University scientists comparing topical (applied to the skin) NSAIDs, oral NSAIDs, and a dummy topical treatment revealed that: Topical NSAIDs offered better pain relief than the dummy treatment for the first two weeks, but after that period of time it was no more effective than the dummy treatment. Topical NSAIDS were less effective than comparable oral NSAIDS even in the first two weeks. Oral NSAIDs demonstrated long term effectiveness. Their conclusion: the benefit of topical NSAIDS is short-lived.


Topical medications are those applied only to the surface of the body. They come in the following forms:

Occlusive tapes.
In general, topical treatments are the first line for mild to moderate psoriasis, but they may also be used alone or in combination with more powerful treatments for moderate to severe cases.

Topical Corticosteroids:Benefits. Corticosteroid topical treatments are the mainstays of psoriasis treatments in the US and are effective for most patients. They have multiple benefits, including the following:

They reduce inflammation.
They inhibit cell proliferation.
They alleviate itching. (Sometimes itching can also be a side effect of the drug itself, however.)
Brands differ in potency and many are available in a number of formulations, including lotions, solutions, creams, emollient creams, ointments, gels, sprays, and on tape. Foam preparations are particularly making compliance much easier. Injections of certain steroids, such as triamcinolone, may help treat nail psoriasis.


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