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Ritis Pain Relief

Arthritis Treatment: Varied treatment for arthritis

Arthritis is a disease which causes pain and loss of movement of the joints. The places in the body where bones meet are known as joint. The meaning of the word arthritis is joint inflammation where ‘arth' means joint and ‘ritis' means inflammation. It also affects your routine activities. This disease is usually chronic which may last for a life time.

It generally affects the people over the age of 65 years. However arthritis can occur to people of all ages which include children also. There are about hundred different forms of Arthritis. The most common form of Arthritis is the degenerative joint disease also known as Osteoarthritis. Other forms of Arthritis are psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Causes of Arthritis:

·        Infections

·        Abnormal metabolism

·        Overactive immune system

·        Physical factors such as stress

·        Injury

·        Inheritance

·        Nutrient deficiency such as essential fatty acids, magnesium and calcium

Symptoms of Arthritis:

·        Limited function of joints and pain

·        Inability to move the joint easily

·        Redness of skin around a joint

·        The feeling of warmth around a joint

·        Stiffness particularly in the mornings

·        Tenderness of the inflamed joint

·        Unexplained weight loss, feeling unwell, lack of energy

Arthritis treatment:

The treatment for arthritis has some common goals to be fulfilled. They include relieving the inflammation or pain, preventing work disability and retarding the progression of the disease. The effective treatment for arthritis includes a combination of medicines, alternative treatments, changes in the diet, lifestyle, and adopting different measures for protecting your joint. The treatment depends on the types of arthritis.

If you have arthritis it is very essential for you to do regular exercises. It would help you to maintain your weight and healthy heart increase your energy levels and also develops your sleep pattern. Apart from these, doing exercises regularly helps to strengths the muscle which supports the joints.

The different types of Arthritis treatment that are available are described below:

·        Medicines: Many medicines are now available for the treatment of Arthritis. They also help to provide relief from the joint pain

·        Physical therapy: This therapy is very useful for maintaining the mobility of joints and range of motions

Apart from these there are some natural home remedies which are the effective cure to relieve the joint pains. Here are some natural remedies which can be easily utilized:

·        Eating two to three garlic slices

·        Everyday drink warm water containing one teaspoonful of turmeric

·        Preparing a garlic paste and applying it on the affected area

·        Eat walnut or coconut on empty stomach

·        Gentle massage of olive oil on the affected area

·        Ginger juice is an effective remedy to relieve the joint pain

·         Every night relax in the tub of warm water in which a cupful of sea salt has been mixed in it

Tips for preventing arthritis are described as follows:

·        Avoid eating junk foods

·        Do regular exercises and avoid improper postural habits

·        Maintaining a proper balance between your work and rest

The above mentioned information provides you very useful input about Arthritis treatment. However, individuals can take up some simple initiatives which would help them to prevent the disease. They include being physically active, early diagnosis of the disease with regular health check ups, healthy eating habits, regular exercises and losing weight.

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