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Know nosebleed to counter it effectively

A bloody need not always indicates an altercation. It sometimes also happens to people without any apparent reason. However, there are a host of other nose bleed causes, besides being hit hard on the face, which may show into a lot red liquid oozing out of one's nostril.

To know how to stop nose bleeds effectively, one must know the various nosebleed causes and be able to identify them separately from one another. Here is a list of most, if not all, causes of incidences of nose bleeds amongst all ages:

Hard and repeated nose picking may result into a prick inside the nose, triggering on bleeding from inside the nose
Side-effect of a medication that is prescribed to prevent common blood clotting is often a bleeding nose
Temperature fluctuations around on an abrupt basis, like on the hills, often sets loose blood from ones nose
Hard blow on the face, especially when nasal region receives a shock, is one of the very common sight nose bleed causes around

Now, coming on to the remedies or tips to stop nose bleeds, the phenomenon Epistaxis as it is called in medical terms is generally harmless; but it may nevertheless assume serious dimensions if not dealt with properly in certain cases, amounting to huge blood loss.

Nose bleeding can happen to any one at any age and may or may not pose a serious problem. However, nose remains one of the most sensitive and vital organs of human body and must be handled with sensitivity and practical wisdom.

Here are a few ways to stop nose bleeds:

The last thing one is expected to do is panic, of course. Suggested first aid for a bleeding nose is to apply ice while bending the head upwards and making sure that one's nose is held at a high level. This is a traditional method most commonly applied by one and all. However, it is not always as effective at stopping bleeding nose. Further suggested is to keep a nasal bi-polymer handy if you have a tendency to suffer from a nose bleeds often.

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Over Counter Side Effects

Over Counter Side Effects
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