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Naturals Sweet Herbal

Herbal Substitute To Cure Erection Dysfunction And Weak Erections

Weak erection is a state where a male is not able to get required erection level for penetration during intercourse. Weak erection is high sex dysfunction among males and is caused due to inadequate blood supply in penis. This may happen due to multiple reasons including stress, distractions or underlying physical conditions. A weak erection can also cause anxiety that can lead to PE, not to mention that weak erections can be physically responsible for PE, too.

A man suffering from this condition will often contract the PC muscles in order to aid in engorging his erection. By doing so, the man will subject added pressure and stress on the prostate gland. Lack of libido may not be as common for men as for women. About 15% men suffer from loss of libido world over as compared to about 30% women. However, men who suffer from loss of libido are more scared than women. They think that their masculinity is directly proportionate with their sexuality and hence, loss of libido is associated with loss in masculinity.

The particular reasons for the problem of weak erections are still enigma among scientist but the problem is considered more as a synonym with age factor. Once a man age advances, he start loosing the strength, certain physical changes due to ageing and other factors leads to weak erection.

Causes of Weak Erections: -

•    high in fat
•    Anxiety
•    Age
•    Smoking
•    Penile injury
•    Stress
•    Obesity
•    High alcohol intake
•    Substance abuse
•    Lack of regular exercise
•    Frequent masturbation
•    Hormonal disorder
•    Cardiovascular disorder

How to Cure Weak Erection: -

•    Changes Lifestyle: - Changes in lifestyle may reverse weak erection such changes may be to stop smoking, loss of weight, exercises, reduces stress, sleeping well, attending physical and medical seminars, group discussions, and medical examinations.
•    Reduce Stress: studies have shown that stress leads to a number of sexual dysfunctions. Try as much as possible to take time to relax.
•    Exercise Regularly: - Exercise helps to increase circulation and also helps you lose weight. Obesity also leads to weak erections too.
•    Stop eating foods that contain too much sugar:  - If you are a sweet-tooth and experiencing weak erection, you have to cut back on your sugar intake.

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•    Shilajit - this is a natural extract which is gotten from the Himalaya rocks, shilajit contains a lot of iron, and lot of other valuable mineral. It is very famous for curing weak erections and for boosting the sex drive.
•    Vigomax Forte - is a royal formulation that were given to kings in India so that they can enjoy there life and also to make them feel like real MAN. Vigomax Forte consist of herbs like Ashwagandha, Kawanch beej, Gokshura, Salep Safed musli

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Naturals Sweet Herbal
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