Lung Breathing

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Lung Breathing

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An easy & compact assessment technique to monitor the lung capacity at any instant: an optimized approach

Human lung perform the major role in physical, physiological & psychological activities. It is the organ of respiration in human body but has an effective influence to all essential biological system. The breathing mechanism of mammal is called "tidal breathing" which is the amount of air in the normal breathing at rest. Lung volume or total lung capacity represents the total amount of air associated with different phases of respiratory cycles. It includes inspiratory reserve volume, tidal volume, expiratory reserve volume, and residual volume. This capacity highly depends on subject's age, sex, height & weight. Several factors affect the lung capacity, some of them can be controlled but most can not be controlled. The range of lung capacity for normal human being is 4,000 and 6,000 cm3 (4 to 6 L). An average human breathes around 11,000 litres of air (21% of which consists of oxygen) in one day. Several instrument of high cost are dedicated for the measurement of lung capacity which may be sometimes out of reach for general public in the country like India. But the regular measurement & practice of respiratory efficiency may enhance the lung capacity which will result in improved physical, physiological & psychological activities. Athletes, swimmers, singers etc. have to posses strong & long lung & breathing capacity which they need to practice. They have to get the improvement in this regard. But it is difficult & almost impossible to check & monitor the improvement regularly with costly instrumentation. It is always helpful to have a compact & useful method to monitor the daily physical activities in general with simplicity & much easier phases to perform.

In this study an assessment has been designed with basic physical parameters along with some easy & intelligent activities of daily use. Any person can perform the assessment with the simple instruction. The phases are breathing test at normal , holding time of breathing, heart before & after the holding, Motion test at normal & holding, Questionnaire (10 questions) on basic personal particulars & writing the numbers from 1 to 100 in the given blocks holding the breathing. The reading from the first two phases will indicate the lung response to the physical activities whereas the last two phases will indicate the lung response to the intelligence & responsiveness of the person in test. All these are so simple that any person can perform at any time within few minutes at ease.

A group of normal subjects of the age group (17±1 years) participated in these study. All of them were physically fit & they were at their good mental & psychological state. A common location was selected to perform the study. The study was conducted through the phases with serious consciousness & accuracy.

The range of normal breathing rate was found 28.73±8.5 times/mint with the average holding time of breathing 37.29±17.1 sec. The average value of difference in the heart rate was (-5.4%±4.9) which showed significant changes with the holding time. In the motion test, the total number of steps reduced at an average of -0.25% after the holding of breathing. A significant difference was established between the holding time & responsiveness in the result of Questionnaire & number writing.

All these showed that we can monitor the increment & decrement in lung capacity with a very simple assessment technique which will help the general people to monitor & asses their lung capacity much more ease. Athletes, swimmers & singers can design their practice on the basis of assessment report & can monitor the improvement in their lung capacity.

This study was performed by Tulika Pal, Gourav Ghosh, Subhajit Karmakar, Anirban Das & Arindam Das. The assessment was designed by Durbadal Biswas. The test was performed with high level of accuracy & all the data was statistically analyzed.

About the Author

Durbadal Biswas

Bio-medical Engineer

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (HR)


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