Liniment Muscle Pain

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Liniment Muscle Pain

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5 Ways to Relax Your Aching Muscles with Natural Herbs

Because of strong side effects, many people who normally use prescription muscle relaxers are now staying away from it. Herbologists and homoeopathists doctors believe that the best and safe way to treat muscle aches and pains is with herbal muscle relaxants made from medicinal plants.

Types of medicinal herbs with muscle relaxing effects are:

Vervain: This has been long used as a medicinal herb but its popularity has lessened over time. Nevertheless, homoeopathists still believed in its aspirin properties to reduce inflammation and lessen minor pains. It is also used as tonic for calming nerve because it has calming effect, and it is also used as an antidepressant. Vervain should not be used by pregnant women due to its powerful properties that induce abortion.

Horseradish: It commonly used for its diuretic properties which is effective in treating minor health problems; like ingrown toenails, cough, sinus problems, bronchitis, and urinary track infection. As a muscle spasm and pain reliever, horseradish is used as a poultice and spread on the affected areas of the body to alleviate muscle pain.

Lavender and chamomile oil: The essential oils from chamomile and lavender are best used in aromatherapy to relax the muscles. Regular aromatherapy massages with lavender or chamomile oil will relax or calm muscle strains.

Skullcap: This is used as nerve calming sedative and will alleviate tight muscles from becoming full muscle spasm.

Arnica oil: Massaging infused arnica oil on the affected area will lessen muscle pains. Arnica is also used as ointment and liniment preparations to alleviate strains, bruises, and sprains.

Caraway leaves: This has high spasmodic properties. It is used to treat colic in infant. In other regions of the world, caraway leaves are chewed like mint to benefit from its medicinal properties.

Herbal muscle relaxant provides short-term relief from muscle pains. It is cheap, and readily available as it can be bought over-the-counter, no prescription needed. Preparation is rather simple and straightforward. Most herbs are prepared by boiling and heating; and pounded if used as a poultice.

To ensure the availability of these herbs one can also grow his or her medicinal garden to ensure the availability of these natural wonders. Herbal muscle relaxer is also getting more popular as an alternate to prescription muscle relaxants because it has little or no side effects. Many pharmaceutical companies are now incorporating medicinal herbs in their production of muscle relaxing drugs.

Though herbal medicines are not popularly used in clinical settings, there is strong evidence of their medicinal benefits. Herbal muscle relaxant does have medicinal properties that might result to adverse effect if the proper dosage guideline is not followed. When cooking up herbal muscle medicines, proper knowledge of combining herbs with traditional drug must be considered, if not you should talk and get advice from health care professional.

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Liniment Muscle Pain

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