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Industrial boiler industry to speed up structural adjustment

  China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, Industrial Boiler Branch has 84 pairs in 2007 to conduct statistical analysis of the boiler manufacturers. Data show that, due to the environmental performance of small-capacity coal-fired boiler is not compliance, its markets have been gradually giving way to gas-fired boiler, electric heating boilers and large-capacity coal-fired boilers.

The industry generally believe that the industrial boiler industry is accelerating the product structure adjustment, promoting energy-saving emission reduction, research and development into high-tech product development direction.

"Little by significant increase in" coal-fired boilers and efficient way to go

"Fixed grate, manual activities, fire grate and the vertical tube, vertical water significantly reduced the number of boilers." Yao Cheng, chairman of the branch, said. In his view, large and medium cities to implement the ban coal area policy and the regional central heating increased, resulting in small volume significantly reduced the number of coal-fired industrial boilers. However, in small towns and rural areas, small-capacity boilers still have a certain market.

"In recent years, due to the rapid development of the national real estate driven, using large-capacity hot water boiler demand is growing, and water-fire tube boiler in large-scale disadvantage, to a certain extent, affected the development of water-fire tube boiler, but its production capacity remained at 1,700 units, 6,000 tons of steam. "he said.

Information, industrial, commercial and life of the boiler emissions are a major source of air pollution in cities, in industrial boilers with energy-saving and pollution reduction is extremely critical. At present, coal-fired industrial boiler (kiln) transformation has been classified as "Eleventh Five-Year" ten key energy-saving renovation project the first place. The direction of reform is to develop co-generation and central heating approach to large-capacity high-parameter small-capacity boiler to gradually replace coal with low parameters of industrial, commercial and life boilers.

Clean combustion technology is the development direction of

"Development of fuel gas-fired boilers, coal-water slurry boiler, biomass fuel boilers, fuel oil (gas) vacuum phase transition boilers, coal-fired boilers and other non-pressure phase transition is the future direction of development." Cheng, Yao said.

Among the statistics of enterprises, 56 enterprises producing oil, gas boiler a total of 3441 units, 14,109.8 tons of steam, stand-alone capacity of an average of 4.1 tons of steam / Taiwan. Oil and Gas Boiler output accounted for 22.51%, 13.89% the number of steam tons.

Experts say that our country is oil-importing countries, along with rising oil prices, leading to oil-fired boiler in a substantial increase in operating costs, and costs continue to increase, to a greater extent inhibited the development of oil-fired boilers.

Among the statistics, enterprises, total production of circulating fluidized bed boiler (boiling furnace) a total of 289 sets of 8477 tons of steam, with an average capacity of a single 28.4 tons of steam / Taiwan.

At present domestic circulating fluidized bed steam boilers 100 tons, 75 tons of steam and the following levels, technology has clearance to occupy the domestic market, and can replace such imported products. Desheng Boiler Co., Ltd. Kaifeng, Henan, Jiangxi River Alliance Energy & Environment Co. Ltd., and Jiangsu Taihu Boiler Co., Ltd. 10 steam tons, 12 tons of steam, 20 tons of circulating fluidized bed boiler steam exported to Thailand and has been put into normal operation.

Relevant experts believe that circulating fluidized bed boiler technology is a promising clean combustion technology, we should focus on the development. Through research and development, promotion and application of circulating fluidized bed boiler can promote domestic TV towers, the low-quality coal, coal gangue, oil-bear rock the comprehensive utilization of low calorific value, in order to save energy, protect the environment.

CWS is a new generation of clean oil fuel, both to maintain the physical characteristics of the original coal, but also has the oil flow and stability. Currently, only a small amount of corporate development and production of coal-water slurry boiler, and in the technology have yet to be improved and perfected. Among the statistics of enterprises, there are five companies producing a total of 29 coal-water slurry boiler units, 229 tons of steam. Situation from the use of this product in the petrochemical, mining and other areas will have good market prospects, can replace oil-fired boilers in use.

According to statistics, there are currently 17 companies in production to biomass as fuel (rice husk, bagasse, straw, rice straw, distiller's grains, etc.) a total of 217 sets of boilers, steam tons in 2429, the minimum capacity of a steam tons, a maximum capacity of 75 steam t.

Cheng, Yao said that the country can make use of many different types of biomass fuels, a huge amount, should commit the necessary financial and material resources, research and development of biomass fuel boilers and form series. To provide energy services in rural areas, including small cities and towns of energy supply, in addition to electricity, other heating energy use should be resolved on the spot, such as should make full use of biomass energy.

He explained that at present, only red Harbin Boiler Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Teflon Boiler Co., Ltd. 3 production of fuel (gas) vacuum phase transition boiler 362 units, 645.1 tons of steam. There are 9 electric boiler 204 production units, 214.2 tons of steam, respectively, the total number of Taiwan 1.34% and 0.2% of the number of steam tons. A maximum capacity of 4 tons of steam, and in most cases, decentralized heat storage electric boiler heating system, which is less than 1 ton electric steam boilers, 37 units, 22.2 tons of steam.

Although electric boiler with a clean, reliable, etc., but the power is a clean secondary energy, compared with other fuels, electricity prices higher, its operating costs are coal-fired boiler 5 to 7 times that of the two oil-fired boiler times, therefore, domestic electric boilers have not been rapid development. With the rapid development of the national economy and the acceleration of power construction, as well as increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, can be expected, heating boilers market segment will continue to expand.

Use of waste heat boilers and other heat recovery equipment, energy-saving methods, has been widely used. According to statistics, industrial boiler industry currently has 23 production waste heat boiler 717 units, 17945 tons of steam. Compared with the previous year, the number of waste heat boiler manufacturing units increased by 18.25%, steaming up 44.75 percent the number of tons. Hangzhou Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. Sales HRSG 161 sets of 2711 tons of steam. Sea-Land Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Suzhou, companies are expanding the production scale waste heat boiler at the same time pay attention to product quality, has been a lot of user acceptance.
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